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At the upcoming 47th International Fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad which will be held from 12th to 19th of May 2007, Solana, Inc Tuzla will be awarded 2 big gold medals for quality of its products as follows: Salt and garlic and Dietetic Salt, 8 gold medals for the following products: DO-DO seasoning with  vegetables for chicken, DO-DO seasoning with vegetables for fish, DO-DO seasoning with  vegetables for barbecue, Salt and tomato, mixed vegetables for soups and stews and Table salt  in 500 gram, 100 gram and 1 kg packages. Salt wit herbal spice additives won a Bronze medal.

Dietetic salt in 250 gram package is a candidate for the champion of quality and Solana Inc, Tuzla, as an exhibitor, won a Silver champion goblet of Novi Sad Fair for high quality of salt and salt additives.

The above mentioned prizes confirm high quality of new products of Tuzla Solana, since they were awarded in strong competition in which more than 3.000 products in 31 categories were evaluated by the manifestation that has world significance.

International Fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad is the biggest fair manifestation in south-eastern Europe which will gather more than 2000 exhibitors from 60 countries this year.



Signing the contract with German company “ Glynwed pipesystem” of the delivery of six circular pumps marked the beginning of technological reconstruction of Solana factory. The contract was signed today.

By replacement of the pumps, which represent a heart of the plant for vacuum-based production, Solana starts reconstruction of production capacity and construction of new saltworks. The new pumps will enable an increase in salt production to 150 000 tones a year (which is more than 50 % comparing with current capacity) as well as production of salt of various granulations, which will increase market potential of Solana.

Current plant in Solana based on technology of vacuum-based production of salt was installed in 1987. Except regular annual maintenance, it has not been technologically reconstructed so far.
Contract with the world well-known pump manufacturer is a beginning of replacement of the most essential part of existing plant of Solana.  



Pursuant to Section 121.of the Statute of Salt Factory Tuzla and Conclusion of Management number:02-62-53/07 dated 03.01.2007 the following is announced:


for selecting the best supplier for purchase of the goods in 2007. DOWNLOAD HERE. (Save as..)

Obtaining of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate

DD Saltworks Tuzla got it`s most cherished birthday gift, for it`s 118 birthday, 17.09.2003, (the saltworkers day), from the bosnian and herzogowinian certifying house BH-CERT Sarajewo based on the certification from 05.09.2003, for which gift the Enterprise worked so hard: the ISO 9001:200 Certificate. On the 12.09.2003 the International Certification House BUREAU VERITAS from London, England, made also a certification, succesfully, so that we expect, in October in a little ceremony, to obtain international certification, too.


Installing of the new salt-packaging line

Specified purpose seasoning based on DO-DO seasoning for: fish, chicken, barbecue, salt and garlic, salt and tomato, salt with herbal seasoning additives, mixed vegetables for soups and stews in 200 gram packages and 10-piece joined package.
These are 150 gram packages and 12-piece joined package.
New packages of salt: 100, 250 and 500 gram.

Prize games

A big prize game “Win new car (Dacia Logan) with DO-DO seasoning”
Public drawing of prizes will be broadcast by RTV TK

1st Round                     -31.12/06
2nd Round                    -01.02/07
3rd Round                     -01.03/07
4th Round                     -27.04/07

Main prize – new car  - DACIA – LOGAN



Awards and Prizes

During 2006:

Table salt: 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg
– Award of Novi Sad Quality Fair (gold medal)

DO-DO seasoning: 250 gr, 500 gr
(Award of Novi Sad Fair, Zenica Fair – “Zeps” and Gradačac Fair) – gold medals for quality.

Trophies of Novi Sad fair for broad assortment and salt and seasoning quality for years 2005 and 2006.




Visit us at fairs. Get to know all of our products.

Country          Town             Fair name               Date

Croatia           Split               Int. Fair of Catering Food               March
Croatia           Zagreb           Trade Fair                                    April
Croatia           Zagreb           Trade Fair                                    September
Montenegro    Budva             Food Fair                                     March
Serbia            Novi Sad         Spring Fair                                   May
B&H               Tuzla              Promo                                         April
B&H               Sarajevo          Food Fair                                     June
B&H               Gradačac         Int.Fair of Agriculture and Food      Aug/Sep
B&H               Bihać              Eco Fair                                       Aug/Sep
B&H               Zenica            ZEPS                                           October