Sodium chloride, (NaCl), also known as table salt, sea salt, rock salt, boiled salt, vacuumed salt or quite simply salt, is very important for life.

If salt is lacking in the diet, very serious disorders in the physiological functioning of human or animal organisms may occur. Without minimal quantities of salt, human and animal life is impossible.

The fact abovementioned was known even in prehistorial times. Because of it`s physiological importance, the salt was one of the first comodities that were exchanged or bought. Regarding the importance of salt, settlements, towns or country sides got its names in accordance with sources, deposits, or simply sea salt obtaining, like: Hallstatt, Salzburg, Salinas, Soli, Tuzla etc.

Right up to the second half of the XIX century the table salt was practically exclusively used for food seasoning for humans or feed additive for cattle, or, very often, as food preservative.

With the development of the chemical industry from the XIX century on, salt was more and more usaed as a basic raw material or auxiliary material in different chemical industries. Thus, salt became a very important raw material for the economy of every country.